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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Joyeux Noël Tags

The French have yet to succumb to having
Christmas cards, home decorations, shopping displays,
and city holiday lights before December.
But in December,
bedazzles the world and
truly becomes the 
City of Light!
Before I started making a few of my
own Christmas decorations, I also waited until 
after Thanksgiving
to begin Christmas decorations.
Now, I begin making decorations well before December.
One of the hazards of being crafty 
or trying to be crafty.... :)

Recently I saw a Christmas hangtag ornament that
I really liked because of its simplicity.
I love looking at Paris lights, but
am drawn to simpler, more Nordic-style decorations.
See the French Country Cottage's
antique orchard ladder Christmas finery.  Sigh...

The first simple hangtags I made were
Joyeux Noël...
using a new font for me, Aiden Kirnberg.
It looks very Français.

Here's what I used to make these little Frenchy tags...
Heavyweight, textured canvas cloth...
on my inkjet printer...

I created a Table in Microsoft Word with four columns and two rows.
Zero margins...
When I printed the Joyeux Noël tags, 
I realized the tag backs were blank. Hmm...
Always learning...
So, out came the Eiffel Tower stamp!

Using deckle-edge craft scissors,
I trimmed all four edges of the fronts and backs.
Hard to cut this canvas cloth because
the back has a rubbery texture...

I used Modge Podge to glue the fronts to the backs
with a narrow (1/4") gold ribbon inserted
between the front and back before gluing.

I liked them, but they looked a little
too plain, even for Nordic style.
I sewed a tiny, tiny red bell to the front of each.
Just the look I like!

Then, I decided to make some
Merry Christmas hangtags.
I love fonts...  So instead of just one font, I used four!
 Edwardian Script, Papyrus, Zapfino, and Curlz MT
It is the season for
the more, the merrier!

I like using just one on a rosemary tree in the kitchen.

Nordic-style...oh, yes...

Love them all on my garden-shed Fraiser Fir tree...

Did not deckle-edge these...
Added a small metal Christmas tree embellishment...

Remembered to print front and back for each...
Also, remembered to print words 
rotated 180º in row 2...

Ironed the canvas cloth under a piece of white paper
to set the ink...

Cut out the four strips, but did not cut apart 
the fronts and backs...
Instead, folded the strip in half along the border of the
two rows of words...
Ironed the folded strip to get a sharp edge...
Glued the front to the back with Modge Podge
with a 1/4" gold ribbon between the front and back...
Attached the little gold Christmas tree...

The hangtags are heavy, textured, ivory-colored canvas cloth.

Now, I'm thinking...
what else can I print on the canvas cloth?

Hope to see you at linking parties.....

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  1. Beautiful! I love these tags! Your Rosemary "tree" in your kitchen is a perfect touch for the holiday season and the tag makes it even more so. Pinning this! : )

    1. Kathy,
      Thanks for the encouraging comments. Love Pinterest and am happy to know you are pinning these little tags.


  2. Your tags are beautiful! Love them! I didn't even know you could buy canvas cloth to print on. I'm visiting from Jennifer Rizzo: Fabulously Creative Friday, and am now following you.

    1. Hi, Laurie,
      Thanks for liking the little canvas tags. I've visited Lauries Little Bits of Creativity and am now a new follower in return. :)

  3. Judith, these are gorgeous! I have done Joyeaux Noel tags on cardstock and used a tag paper punch, but did not know about the canvas being available. I have also printed on muslin which I iron to freezer paper before putting it through the printer, but the canvas would have so much more body! Thank you for the great tutorial!

    1. Hi, Lois,
      So glad to see your comment...I always look forward to it. AND I always learn something new from ironing muslin to freezer paper before putting it through the printer... I have to try that out soon.

      Yes, the little canvas tags do have good body, even more so because of the Modge Podge gluing the fronts and backs together.


  4. woow,,,I think they are just Lovley :)
    and do not miss.....




    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  5. Hi, Hakan,
    I went to the Rosegarden in Malevik blog and definitely plan to view many of the Saturday Show Off links. Thanks for stopping by and introducing me to your beautiful blog.


  6. Hello!! Love your blog!! I hope you link up your project to the party tonight at Cedar Hill Ranch's Cowgirl up. I'm a new follower. And to answer your question, the tree house is at the ranch. We are buying a new city house, but keeping the ranch. Have a blessed day. Going to take a tour of your blog.


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